Pierre Baby Suede Camel | Veja

Pierre Baby Suede Camel | Veja

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coming from the state of são paulo in jacareí, this suede is a 100% vegan synthetic textile plus an alternative to animal-produced suede. it is a nonwoven fabric made of microfibers that are needle-punched toge therand impregnated with p.u. resin. this solvent-free process is less toxic than the one used to produce the classic one.

upper: vegan suede

panels: vegan suede

logo v: amazonian rubber (26%)

insole: p.u. (34%) and recycled polyester (66%)

outsole: fine leather

lining: fleece* lining (75% polyester and 25% recycled polyester)

laces: cotton (100%)

made in brazil

*sheepskin look knitted fabric